It is the world's most populous countrywith a population of around 1. China emerged as one of the world's first civilizationsin the fertile basin of the Yellow River in the North China Plain.


For millennia, China's political system was based on absolute and hereditary monarchies, or dynastiesbeginning with the semi-mythical Xia dynasty in 21st century BCE.

Since then, China has expanded, fractured, and re-unified numerous times. The succeeding Han dynastywhich ruled from BCE until CE, saw some of the most advanced technology at that time, including papermaking and the compassalong with agricultural and medical improvements. The invention of gunpowder and movable type in the Tang dynasty — and Northern Song — completed the Four Great Inventions.

Tang culture spread widely in Asia, as the new Silk Route brought traders to as far as Mesopotamia and the Horn of Africa. The subsequent Chinese Civil War resulted in a division of territory inwhen the Communist Party of China led by Mao Zedong established the People's Republic of China on mainland China while the Kuomintang -led nationalist government retreated to the island of Taiwanwhere it governed until when Taiwan transitioned to democracy.

China is a unitary one-party socialist republic and is one of the few still existing socialist states. Political dissidents and human rights groups have denounced and criticized the Chinese government for widespread human rights abusesincluding suppression of religious and ethnic minoritiescensorship and mass surveillanceand cracking down on protests such as the Tiananmen Square protests. Since the introduction of economic reforms inChina's economy has been one of the world's fastest-growing with annual growth rates consistently above 6 percent.

SinceChina has been the world's second-largest economy by nominal GDPand sincethe largest economy in the world by PPP. China is also the world's largest exporter and second-largest importer of goods. China is a recognized nuclear weapons state and has the world's largest standing armythe People's Liberation Armyand the second-largest defense budget.

China has been characterized as an emerging superpowermainly because of its massive population, large and rapidly-growing economy, and powerful military. The word "China" has been used in English since the 16th century; however, it was not a word used by the Chinese themselves during this period in time. Archaeological evidence suggests that early hominids inhabited China between 2. Some principalities eventually emerged from the weakened Zhou, no longer fully obeyed the Zhou king and continually waged war with each other in the year Spring and Autumn period.

He enacted Qin's legalist reforms throughout China, notably the forced standardization of Chinese charactersmeasurementsroad widths i. His dynasty also conquered the Yue tribes in GuangxiGuangdongand Vietnam. Han involvement in Central Asia and Sogdia helped establish the land route of the Silk Roadreplacing the earlier path over the Himalayas to India. Han China gradually became the largest economy of the ancient world. After the end of the Han dynastya period of strife known as Three Kingdoms followed, [49] whose central figures were later immortalized in one of the Four Classics of Chinese literature.

At its end, Wei was swiftly overthrown by the Jin dynasty. The Jin fell to civil war upon the ascension of a developmentally-disabled emperor ; the Five Barbarians then invaded and ruled northern China as the Sixteen States. The Xianbei unified them as the Northern Weiwhose Emperor Xiaowen reversed his predecessors' apartheid policies and enforced a drastic sinification on his subjectslargely integrating them into Chinese culture.

The various successors of these states became known as the Northern and Southern dynastieswith the two areas finally reunited by the Sui in The Sui restored the Han to power through China, reformed its agriculture, economy and imperial examination system, constructed the Grand Canaland patronized Buddhism. However, they fell quickly when their conscription for public works and a failed war in northern Korea provoked widespread unrest.Cina is nothing new from a medicinal point of view and has been known to be used since ancient times.

It has long had roots in helping with a variety of different medical conditions. Many people looked to it for the help that it provided with intestinal worms years ago, and parts of this plant are still used in certain worm medications.

Cina is made by taking unopened flower heads from the plant that is harvested in the fall. These are coarsely ground and formed into a powder, then macerated in alcohol.

Finally this solution is diluted and succussed, and what remains is a homeopathic remedy that contains virtually no trace of the actual plant itself. In this case the worms may be evident in the stools showing a white color. There may be a terrible pinching pain in the belly and it may even become bloated as a result of the worms. The nose and the rectum alike will often feel itchy as there is no appetite in those who suffer from this condition.

Children who exhibit irritability often tend to have terrible temper tantrums as well. The tantrum may happen after they are told no or simply as a part of their erratic and challenging behavior. Cina works well as a homeopathic remedy for those who suffer from a severe whooping cough.

It may even feel as though the cough is gagging the person at times as the chest often feels constricted.

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The body may become stiff and there may be violent sneezing associated with these coughing fits. Many people turn to cina if they have difficulty falling asleep or if they suffer from restless sleep overall. Cina works well as a homeopathic remedy if the muscles tend to jerk or go through spasms.

It is particularly helpful if the jerking or convulsions is brought on by touch or from being scolded. Cina works well as a homeopathic remedy in those who tend to suffer from great irritability. It is typically given to children as it offers the most help to the young and the problems that they face. Those who benefit greatly from cina may feel restless and often frantic, and they often have a hard time sitting still.


They have a difficult time sleeping and their physical and mental symptoms are often tied together. Skip to content.Call Dr. This plant belongs to a large family of flowering plants known as Compositae. But in the homeopathic system of medicine, use of this remedy is done for many more complaints apart from worms. It is majorly used in children to treat irritability in children, difficult teething, bedwetting and worms.

It is well suited to children who remain irritable, cross all the time. Along with this they wish to be carried always. It is top listed medicine to help treat complaints during teething, bedwetting, colic, anal itching, grinding of teeth and sleep troubles in children. This medicine has a marked action on mind where it helps to treat irritability in children.

Other than this, it has marked action on urinary bladder where it helps to treat complaint of bedwetting effectively. It is a renowned medicine in homeopathy to treat many of the complaints related to mind in children. Firstly, it is a highly recommended medicine to calm children who are excessively irritable, cranky and fussy.

Along with this they scream and cry a lot. They also tend to strike and bite the attendants. They are always complaining, restless and get offended very easily. A major characteristic shown by them is desire to be carried all the time. Irritability seen among most children during dentition period is wonderfully checked with this medicine.

Next, it is used in children who are very obstinate and wants their wishes to be fulfilled at once. They show excessive temper tantrums. They are not satisfied with anything and throws things away. In case of nasal complaints it is given in children when they have excessive itching in nose.


They rub the nose or bores in nostrils due to itching. They also have attending sneezing and runny nose.

Bokep Cina

Nose may feel stopped up in the evening time. Along with this they are restless and also cry too much. This is a renowned medicine to treat teething difficulties in children. It is indicated when the child is very irritable during teething.Belum punya akun? Ingat saya. Lupa kata sandi. Cirebon Purwakarta Kab. Bandung Kab. Cirebon Sumedang Tasik Garut Ciamis. TAG Cina. Index A-Z. Jabar Jajaki Investasi dengan Lima Negara, Tindaklanjuti Perusahaan yang Hengkang dari Cina Pemprov Jawa Barat siap menyambut investor melalui kemudahan fasilitas perijinan, potensi tenaga kerja produktif, dan kawasan industri kelas dunia 2 hari lalu.

Hal itu seperti unggahan media pemerintah, China Xinhua. Senin, 6 Juli Minggu, 21 Juni Jumat, 19 Juni Namun, senjata mereka bukanlah bom atau senjata modern lainnya. Selasa, 16 Juni Minggu, 31 Mei Karena itu, March of the Volunteers beberapa kali dikumandangkan dalam acara olahraga Rabu, 27 Mei Uji Coba Vaksin Covid ke Tubuh Manusia: Ini Menunjukkan Visi yang Menjanjikan Kabarnya, uji coba vaksin pertama terhadap manusia telah mendapatkan hasil yang aman dan diperkirakan efektif melawan Covid Selasa, 26 Mei Selasa, 19 Mei Ia jatuh cinta pada pria asal Lampung Jumat, 8 Mei Kamis, 7 Mei Sabtu, 2 Mei Menurut Zhong, virus corona bisa segera hilang tak bersisa Kamis, 26 Maret Sebenarnya hantavirus bukan virus baru.

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Dental Insurance Plans. Medicare Plans.Suggest new definition. References in periodicals archive? Zakir Naik gets police OK for Melaka prayers. Cina testified for the prosecution in the bench trial of Frank Buschauer, who prosecutors say drowned his wife after their three-year marriage began to break down.

Medical examiner: South Barrington woman's drowning death a homicide. The event commenced with a welcome speech from David Tayeh, head of CINAwho provided an overview of the Firm's investment philosophy and recent successes. Investcorp holds CEO conference in Arizona. D'altro canto, alla fine del XV secolo, ogni paese in Europa, chi prima chi dopo, inizio a scrivere nell'opera la storia delle esplorazioni straniere; lo sfondo della storia dell'opera non si limita all'Europa, in molte opere non europee e chiara sullo sfondo la presenza della Cina.

In particular, we are concerned with the history of the kingdom of Cinawhich has almost vanished from the historical record. Finding Cina: a new paradigm for early Bugis history. He told how Istok and Cina went to the Middlesbrough home of three strangers and imposed themselves on the residents. Pair threatened to rape and attack in quest for drugs; Crystal meth users went into terrified strangers' home, where they made 'barbaric' threats.


Crystal meth users Jioi Istok, 37, and Michal Cina30, both from Newcastle, made horrific threats as they demanded PS5, in a quest for drugs. Crystal meth users Jioi Istok, 37, and Michal Cina30, both from Newcastle, made lurid horrific threats as they demanded [pounds sterling]5, in a quest for drugs. Crystal meth using thugs from Byker threatened to rape woman and break man's legs; Jioi Istok, 37, and Michal Cina, 30, both from Newcastle, have been jailed for a total of seven years after they caused fear in their quest for drugs.

Parvel Cina was severely mentally unwell when he used a knife on Zaneta Balazova 80 times in a frenzied attack.

Woman killed by violent partner in front of children. In another incident, a year old John Cina was playing on the bank of Qasimpur canal. Cina begins construction in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, Research work completed on China-Pak, China-Kyrgystan railways network. Acronyms browser? Full browser?The move, while unlikely, would undermine Hong Kong's financial operations. Plus, Turkey's military expenditure.

Coronavirus pandemic. China 17 Jul GMT. At least 80 percent of flights in and out of Urumqi cancelled after case reported in far western province of China. Opinion 16 Jul GMT. Health 16 Jul GMT. Virus reported to have originated in China's Wuhan has killed more thanpeople and infected over Easing of coronavirus lockdowns helped world's number two economy grow by 3. Witness 16 Jul GMT.


In a Chinese Buddhist orphanage in Malawi, a teenager finds himself torn between African roots and a Chinese upbringing. Experts say official Chinese documents belie 'nine-dash line' as Beijing asserts dominance in South China Sea.

The bill would ban federal employees from using the social media app TikTok on government-issued devices. China 15 Jul GMT. More than 13 million coronavirus cases confirmed worldwide, with overdeaths and 7.

Asia 15 Jul GMT. Top commanders from the two sides held their fourth round of talks on Tuesday, a month after deadly border clash.

Cina – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Toggle navigation. China News. Coronavirus pandemic What happens if you catch the new coronavirus? Asia Pacific Hong Kong kicks off nomination period for key elections. China 17 Jul GMT Flights cancelled after coronavirus reported in China's Xinjiang At least 80 percent of flights in and out of Urumqi cancelled after case reported in far western province of China.

Health 16 Jul GMT Coronavirus: All you need to know in words Virus reported to have originated in China's Wuhan has killed more thanpeople and infected over AJ Impact 16 Jul GMT China's big bounce: Economy posts stronger-than-expected rebound Easing of coronavirus lockdowns helped world's number two economy grow by 3. China 15 Jul GMT Timeline: How the new coronavirus spread More than 13 million coronavirus cases confirmed worldwide, with overdeaths and 7. Asia 15 Jul GMT China says progress made in latest border talks with India Top commanders from the two sides held their fourth round of talks on Tuesday, a month after deadly border clash.

What was the deadly India-China border clash really about? Defence Analysis: The Asia-Pacific arms race has taken an ominous turn. China Project Force: What is behind China's naval ambitions? Hong Kong 'There is never an end game': Hong Kong after a year of protest. United Kingdom Ina British-Chinese protest against virus-related racism.