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Hey everyone it's Musikman50 here with a new story for everyone! Some time ago, I had this story on my page and decided to erase it.

It wasn't because I had no intentions to write it, it was because I needed to step back and focus on other stories for the time being. Plus, I felt like I had to continue working on this story to make sure that it will make sense and works out. So here we are with a new story that I made it. Just as the title says, Spider-Man becomes a powerful Harem King suck it Issei with beautiful, skilled, dangerous, and sexy women.

Also I will list the women that Spidey will be with at the bottom of the page. Well enough of that, let's get into the story! Hope you enjoy! Disclaimer: Spider-Man is owned by Marvel. Chapter 1: All hail the King. In a room of white a woman in green appeared in the area walking towards the center the she got to the center she stopped and spoke.

Come to me", the woman said. Almost as if immediately, a powerful burst of wind blow through the room and several figures appeared in front of her. The identity of this woman was none other than Gaea, the mother of the Gods and an Elder Goddess. The beings surrounding her were the various deities from other pantheons. Gaea saw that everyone was present, children and past lovers, before she continued to speak.

It is a day that we all anticipated would be coming", said Zeus. It will be hard to choose", said Osiris. All of the gods continued to talk to one another about this and even started coming names and comparing them others. All of sudden Gaea spoke.

However, I already have a suitable candidate in mind", Gaea said. You know him better as Spider-Man", Gaea said. This caught everyone off guard as they didn't expect Spider-Man to be considered.

I've seen the Spider-Man in action before and while he does annoy others with his sense of humor he has overcome odds no mortal could ever survive", Odin said. I apologize but my decision is final. I choose the Spider-Man as the Harem King".

This was the son of Zeus and god of war, Ares. Would you risk being annihilated my dear grandson?

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Ares growled under his breathe before turning away. I conclude that this matter has been brought to a close". He was in his bedroom redesigning his web-shooters just as he got a call on his cell phone. Peter stopped what he was doing and picked up his phone and answered it. I just called to let you know that I'm going to be moving in with Jonah Sr in Boston. I just wanted to make sure that you were alright with that ".

The person speaking to Peter was none other than Peter's loving aunt May Parker. Just know that I love you and want you to be happy as well ". He started to take off his clothes to reveal the Advanced Spider-Man suit underneath. People began to flee as the attack started with the Tri-Sentinel sending out several other normal Sentinels as well. Arriving on the scene was none other than the Avengers and the Justice League.Still a little upset they decided to turn my favourite superhero to dust for this one but he'll be back.

Until that happens, I'll just have to be patient. Perhaps the accurate thing to say is that while the idea seemed fine, it was my writing that just didn't do it proper justice. Peter's a little older in this and Tony's asked him to join the Avengers not long after the events in Age of Ultron. He designed his own suit with some of Stark's resources but Karen is something they developed together. Spider-Man easily sidestepped the steel pipe that was swung at his head and jabbed his left fist forward into the mugger's face, sending him flying through the air before he crashed against a brick wall and crumpled in a unconscious heap.

Snatching up a fallen purse with his webs, Peter held out the bag for the lady hiding behind him. Are you okay? Call the police on this idiot and get home safely I'd avoid walking through the alleys at night in the future though. The woman laughed as she gave the webslinger a friendly hug. Thank you again, Spider-Man. Peter nodded and watched her walk into a nearby convenience store before he wall crawled up to the roof of the building.

Spider-Man sheepishly scratched the back of his head. I was busy stopping these thieves when you started calling and I sort of forg-". Clint abruptly hung up. Spider-Man let out a sigh before he began to websling his way to the Avenger's compound. Not many people were aware but the A. If only Clint bothered to let her owner explain, he would've known Spider-Man had been busy stopping one of the twelve muggings and two attempted robberies that occurred tonight when he called.

For anyone other than some of the hardheaded Avengers, they would've at least understood why Peter was running late. Peter stopped talking as Steve raised his hand and looked at him with a stern glare. These meetings are important and if you're not here for all of it, there's a good chance you might miss crucial details. Captain Rogers folded his arms.Story Story Writer Forum Community. The God of Perverts.

mcu harem wattpad

Sort: Category. Having always wanted to be like his idols, Peter Parker accepted Even so, this doesn't stop Peter from continuing to fight for the little guys.

Summoner of Demons by epic insanity reviews instead of Zangetsu, Ichigo stands alongside familiars of the underworld to fight for his allies and loved ones, Shadow the demon Panther, griffon the wise ass demon bird and Nightmare, the destructive behemoth with a goal set and put in motion those joining Ichigo will take the Spirit world by storm. Harry Potter gets smart and takes control - the goblet by YoullNeverCatchMeAliveSaidHe reviews Harry's name comes out of the goblet and he's had enough, he's sick of pretending to be stupid and constantly fighting against the whole world.

It's time to step up. This is a long and a slow build though, spanning most of the fourth year. There will be no over night changes, trauma recovery takes time, months. He's not going to wake up and start ass kicking the next day.

And did I mention Vader wasn't the only one brought along the ride? No, it's not Luke or Leia. Harry finds a young Shadow Phoenix at Privet Drive. Harry's life changes for the better with new friends, new allies, new assets and new knowledge. Harry, for once, begins to feel that he may stand a fighting chance against Voldemort and his Death Eaters. What it means to be King by FirstSilverKing reviews Harry Potter has been more than patient and kind after all the screw ups at the hands of the adults in his life.

Entering 4th year of his education he is once more put in the firing line of death. Deciding to throw a wrench in the machinations of moronic adults who can't handle growing a chia pet, he is about to get more help from an unlikely source than any adult has.

mcu harem wattpad

Six times has Harry Potter died young instead of killing Tom Riddle and marrying his soulmate Hermione. The seventh time that Harry's soul is sent into his younger body, Harry keeps his older memories and he has a plan.

But if he fails, both his body and soul shall die. Not a full-on x-over, but has a lot of elements that are similar to those found in 'The Gamer' manhwa. Harry Potter and the Artificer Legacy by Kairomaru reviews Everyone knows the story, the Potters attacked and little Harry left with his relatives.Most people would think of it as a peaceful day in New York, and they were right As we speak Venom And Spider-Man were fighting throughout the streets New York, web-swung from building to building as the punched and kicked at each other or shooting blasts of webbing or trying to make the other crash into a building.

It was a fight of speed, endurance, strength, brains and will power. And, for once, Spidey was winning. You're not fighting a joker today. He was NOT in the mood for Venom today. But your jokes do more than hurt! That wasn't my intention. I'm not too keen on Symbiote Pizza. Why are we letting this Wall Crawling menace destroy our fair city in his "crusade" of "protecting" it?!

Nearly a week later, in prison, Venom's host, Eddie Brock, was secluded in his own cell snoring in his own web made hammock as he contemplated his revenge on, he imagined SO many ways to torment him. Maybe killing his Aunt or someone else close to him? Oh that would hurt Parker! But unbeknownst to Eddie, the symbiote that gave him his spider-powers was slowly separating from him. The black ink like substance dripping on the floor quickly before it slunk away through the bars of the cell and down into the sewers to free itself.

Using Peter's memories of this sort of journey the Symbiote was easily able to slink through the sewers while Venom thought 'WHY?! Why did I bond to that I know why I was mad! I didn't mean to hurt all those people! All I wanted to do was to help… to help the world… to help HIM. I don't have enough for a complete Gwen! The symbiote slid to the location of where the voice was coming from, it saw a tall thin man dressed like a green animal creature messing around with a computer like device and a large opened tube.

The Jackal…' the symbiote observed, recognizing the man from the memories it gained from Peter. Jackal stomped in anger, kicking the dust. It crawled up the machine and, through the glass window in the tube, it saw a beautiful blonde haired girl with blue eyes 'She… she's beautiful… with this…I can be nearer to him.

Someone was in HIS lab?! Messing with HIS Gwen?! They would PAY! She stumbled over her new feet; she landed on her hands from the fall but upon landing she saw her face in a puddle of water. She had a very similar body shape to Gwen, she altered it slightly so she wouldn't be an exact copy so in human terms she was more like Was that right?I believe that women are special and should be treated kindly with respect. Also I don't own the rights to these characters who are owned by Marvel and Disney.

AlL characters are 18 or over even if they aren't in their source material. I am also looking for a beta reader for this story. If you are interested pm me. Thanos had just collected all of the Infinity Stones. He had just wrenched the Mind Stone out of Vision's forehead. He so wanted to wipe out half the universe. But then it hit him. He could do anything he wanted just by snapping his fingers.

Why should he wipe out half the universe? He could give the galaxy unlimited resources! But why stop there he could do whatever he wanted, and what he wanted the most in the universe was pussy. Not just pussy but ultimate control of it. So Thanos teleported himself to his home world of Titan and snapped his fingers. Where there had once been a desolate planet there now was a small tropical island surrounded by a huge sea with a huge house on it, complete with anything Thanos would ever need.

With him standing in the bedroom. Thanos thought this was perfect but now all he needed was someone to fuck or preferably as many bitches as possible as he wanted to start a harem. Thanos then snapped his fingers. Wanda Maximoff was in morning. She had just lost the love of her life. She was lying on her bed in her room at the Wakandan Palace crying her eyes out. Visions is dead and one of these days I am going to kill Thanos she thought to herself.

One second she was there the next she was standing in front of the one being in the universe she so desperately wanted to kill.The small size of the group made it comfortable and welcoming.

No charge for single accommodations is an added plus. Thank you for the itinerary and organisation. While I was excited about visiting Iceland with my family (2 adults and 2 20-something sons), I knew that I was not going to have the time to plan my trip due to my busy spring work schedule.

Nordic Visitor made the trip so easy and took care of everything from cars, to hotels and even booking some activities upfront.

Upon arrival, we received a beautifully bound personalized itinerary and map marked with a suggested route. Since it was my first visit to Iceland, I followed many of their suggestions on places to visit, have dinner or do extra activities and was not disappointed.

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He went on ffmpeg faststart copy the two weeks prior to our trip, but introduced me to a colleague who was super helpful in putting together some last minute details. If there is any minor criticism I would have it would be that one of the days involved a particularly long drive and felt a big rushed. Because of my delightful experience with Nordic Visitor, I will most definitely use them again.

Scandinavia is on my bucket list and I am looking forward to visiting these locations with their help. It was a spectacular trip. I've wanted to visit Iceland for 20 years, and this trip did not let me down. Now I want to go back and see the Northern Lights. There were so many experiences that felt like a peak experience in my lifeThank you. What a beautiful, vast, diverse country. Nordic Visitor ensured we had all the advice needed to tailor-make the holiday to our exact interests and abilities.

We took our two youngest children and they were accounted for in suggestions of things to do and see. We all had a fantastic time. This is the first time that we have ever used a tour company. Usually we fly somewhere, rent a car, and plan all of our excursions ourselves. We were very impressed with the accommodations, service, and level of professionalism that was shown us.

We appreciated having the hotels pre-arranged and each day sketched out for us-it really helped us relax knowing that we knew where we were staying that night and what we were doing the next day. We did not experience one single hiccup or problem during the entire trip-no missed connections, lost reservations, etc. You guys did a fantastic job.

mcu harem wattpad

I feel as if we had a much better time in Iceland and saw much more than if we had planned it all ourselves. The Nordic Visitor website is one of the best travel websites out there. It's well organized and easy to use, which is what made my sister and I decide to book with Nordic Visitor.The search term is too new.

You might need to wait a few days or weeks to see predictions. A potentially disparaging or sensitive term was associated with a name and an automatic rule was applied. Learn more about Autocomplete policies. Can Carson Wentz out-duel Jared Goff.

Will the Eagles be able to contain Rams running back Todd Gurley. Here are this week's NJ Advance Media staff predictions, as well as a roundup of NFL analyst picks for Sunday's critical game: As Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks illustrated, games between a pair of playoff caliber teams can be decided by which team makes the fewest mistakes or commits the fewest penalties.

These teams are about as evenly matches they come: Both are tied for the NFL's leading scoring offense, averaging 30. This being the second consecutive road game for the Eagles, and a rather substandard showing from the offensive line against the Seahawks last week, give a slight edge to the Rams.

This is a very tough spot for the Eagles. How will they respond. After stubbing their toe in Seattle last week, the Eagles, having stayed out West, will rebound against the Rams. Have to think Carson Wentz will be juiced up (and perhaps nicely tanned. The Rams got Jared Goff, and you can't really blame them. He's done some nice things this year. Wentz is sixth in the NFL quarterback rating, Goff ninth.

Prediction: Rams 27, Eagles 23 Eliot Shorr-Parks - Eagles Reporter, NJ Advance MediaThis is a very tough spot for the Eagles.

PICK: Eagles 24, Rams 21 Darryl Slater - Jets Reporter, NJ Advance MediaAfter stubbing their toe in Seattle last week, the Eagles, having stayed out West, will rebound against the Rams. Prediction: Eagles 30, Rams 20 nj. Hi Subscribe today for full access on your desktop, tablet, and mobile device.