Vrchat hair gravity

I was doing the MMD4Unity research. I do this because, on Google, if you want a Hair Physics, you have to wrote a script, or key frame it naturally in your model. It could be very awesomely epic if you are not lazy to set the character joint setting.

After that, adjust the size of the colliders and then add Character Joint. Go to your character controller script. Just add this line to function Start or void Start. Works on both C and JS. If you set cloth layer to 10, then write For the root of the cloth like this belowturn on isKinematic and turn off useGravity. Like the picture below. Now add some collider to body that Hair or cloth will collide.

I add the colliders on Body, Hands, and Head. Now look!

vrchat hair gravity

A cloths dynamic! Look at her front hair and tie. I said I was give up right? No, and never. I just need to learn to make a better CG Artwork. Started making games since 13 year old. Nice tutorial of jigglebone! Looks ok but i think yours is more better.

Yeah thanks, but I still need to find out how to make it much much more realistic. Can I ask how would you do a long flowing skirt or a robe? I know Unity has two options for it SkinnedCloth and DynamicCloth but the documentation is a bit too generalistic. Is it supposed to work with any character? Yeah it works on any character. Or maybe your collider was ignored by your hair rigidbody, check your rigidbody ignore collision.

I am working on cloth simulation on a human model and using Unity. My issue is since the new Cloth has only sphere, cone and capsule colliders, it is difficult for me to add it dynamically to the body.

Can you suggest a way to add mesh collider on the body more or less close to its shape. Will I need Unity shaders for this? And also you can put those on every joints, which Mesh collider wont. Hi, thanks for this tutorial! I tried for my character and it works great for the ponytail. But I cant make it work for the fornt hairs, no matter how much i adjust the settings the fornt hair doesnt move smoothly, any help would be appreciated!

At step 4, adding the Physics. IgnoreLayerCollision 9,10 ; to my controller script, that character goes into crouch mode and refuses to move. By commenting out this line, she is controllable again? AllLayers, QueryTriggerInteraction. So… i think we have to use another characters controller setup, or modify the Physics.You are thinking, "Oh cool!

Suella has started a thread with some cool advice on the settings for the sliders in the new V2 avatar physics to get realistic movement". Sadly not, but that is why I'm starting this thread. I just had a play but am feeling lazy and can't be bothered to find the right balance. Please post the settings you have used here so we can all get an idea of what the right balance is for realistic movement I realise that there will be some difference based on shape, size etc, but I just want to get a happy medium for the 'avergae' avatar.

I'm sure we can manage to do this and stay PG The words 'breast', 'belly' and 'butt' are, I'm sure, fine in this context of posting your settings. Just don't get over-excited and risk killing the thread for naughtyness! Hiya, I can't give you a recommended setting as such, it looks like it's down to boob size, and that different outfits will warrant different settings This seems OK and I decided to tweak it as it bugs me for each outfit.

I have an additional question. I'm running a viewer with avatar physics and yet cannot find the function. Is it the case that it's particular to the female body shape? Is it a "no no" for male avatars to wobble, ripple and sway? I have no facts, figures or advice to give on this thread, unfortunately. Wear it, then right click and edit it to alter the physics. Not sure how well it will work on guys.

Miss Universe

There are sliders for breasts, belly and butt so you should be able to get some level of realistic physics for guys from that especially if you have moobs! Thanks Suella.

I will have another look when I next log in, although I can't imagine that it's a feature I'll use save, possibly, for a laugh. The principal male anatomical feature which might perhaps benefit from reacting to the pull of gravity obviously isn't catered for.

I think the problem with the 'principal male anatomical feature' is that technical limitations mean physics can't act on attachments, only the avatar itself.

Technique to apply bouncy breasts and hair physics?

The same problem exists if females have 'attachments' on any of their 'parts'! Emma - thanks for those settigns. Mari - LOL - fun vid! Thats kinda how I was after playing with the settings this morning. Any passsers by would have been knocked out! It took me a while, and I'm not sure I figured it out correctly I'm not usually in human shape. Max Effect is just thatTo save the children. And Zaza. She is a mysterious and extremely strong girl who, like Katis a Gravity Shifter.

Originally antagonistic towards Kat, she eventually becomes an ally as her motives are revealed, and she has a crow named Xiiwho mirrors Dusty 's ability to grant her gravity powers.

She is later revealed to actually be good, as she is trying to thwart Kat because Alderman D'nelica claimed that he would send a rescue team to the kids trapped at Boutoume if she can keep the missing parts of the city from returning. This was likely a trick in order to further turn public opinion against Mayor Bolseyand ultimately remove him from power.

When Nushi attacks, the two shifters form a truce to defeat Nushi. This truce strengthens into a friendship as the plot continues.

Raven then spends the rest of her time in Boutoume, desperately trying to find the entrance to the Ark. As they ascend to Hekseville, Kat is thrown from the ark by an assault from Nushi. After hearing a cautious local announcement about strange gravitational activity at Neu HiraleonRaven and Kat and Syd who is on his way go to investigate the area, and later come to find that the gravity engine has malfunctioned, which created a gravity storm. After they get pulled in and separated, Raven ends up in Jirga Para Lhao.

Later, she somehow got brainwashed by the Garrison military—through an iron mask object—leading her to become one of their soldiers and their "secret weapon" known as "Night Gale".

Following her big fight with Kat and the removal of her mask, Raven came to her senses. After a short break, Raven quickly realizes who the bad guys are and proceeds to help Kat finish off the remaining Garrison Forces. Then Lisathrough persuasion from Sydtakes her in.

Upon rescuing Cecie from the Lost City, she gets pulled into a dimensional rift and separated from Kat. She re-emerges during Kat's first fight against Kali Angel and helps her win.

Raven then remains at Kat's side until they go to Etoand Raven is imprisoned by Cai in order to brainwash Kat into thinking she is still Queen Alua. When Kat breaks her out, she goes to Hekseville to hold off Elektricitiewhile Kat recovers her old memories in the Brink.

Raven is the last person standing in the final battle, though Kat arrives in the nick of time to save the city. When Raven wakes up, she hears Kat's voice, but Kat has disappeared, along with Dusty. One year later, Raven is still wrestling with Kat's loss but hears Dusty, and upon following the sound discovers that Kat is somehow still alive. It's revealed that Dr.Search Unity. Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. Asset Store Spring Sale starts soon!

Joined: Dec 25, Posts: 2. Okay so far so good, im loving this and all that it provides while being very simple. However I seem to be having an issue getting the dynamic bone feature to work on the "Riko" unity model.

Joined: Dec 24, Posts: 1. NetsukoDec 29, Lex4art likes this. Last edited: Dec 30, Joined: Apr 27, Posts: HorngYuiWeiJan 2, Joined: Mar 4, Posts: Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for this.

vrchat hair gravity

This has been one of the only "external" assets that gets included in every project I start. It has also made quite an impression while testing VR Chat with some custom avatars. AbandonedCartJan 20, HorngYuiWei likes this. Joined: Jan 14, Posts: 4.Search Unity. Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. Asset Store Spring Sale starts soon! Technique to apply bouncy breasts and hair physics?

vrchat hair gravity

Joined: Jun 28, Posts: So I am creating a game, currently in development for Unity3D using Autodesk 3D Studio Max, and have the main character fully modeled, fully texture mapped but has no textures created yet, is currently being rigged but I have one issue.

My character has around 3,ish polygons for the poly limit and I wish to know how to go about making them movable realistically to avoid a mature mark and exaggeratively primarily targeted towards lesbians and men Would I have to go about making this possible within 3D Studio Max or Unity3D?

On the other hand, I have bones already setup for the breasts exclusively. I am using Max and the latest Unity3. My other question is about hair, how do I make it dynamic and not poke through any polygons or parts of the mesh for the main character? My preference is to make no animations but to have the hair use as less resources as possible, any alternatives are okay too. Any help please? Fluffy-TailsOct 3, Joined: Nov 3, Posts: You can control the position of the bones via a script.

You need to set the position in the "LateUpdate " function otherwise it will be overwritten by the regular animation. You could store the equilibrium position and basically have the bone on a spring from there or something. You'd probably have to try a bunch of different methods and see what works. For the hair I recommend the new skinned cloth feature.

ZombyOct 3, Joined: Aug 29, Posts: Surely that wouldn't export to Unity? ZombyOct 7, Joined: Jul 19, Posts: 8, The bones behave as child objects, so you could try adding a character joint and a rigidbody to each breast.

The character joint has the option of returning to the default position using a sprint, which should give the desired bounce. Joined: Dec 13, Posts: This is the most intelligent conversation about breasts I have ever seen on the internet.

Thank you, I will give that a try once I get it into Unity when I feel it is right. Other than that, is there anything else I should worry about as well? My character wears a shirt as well and I want it to follow the base mesh and I am not sure if Max can export a skin wrap into Unity3? Fluffy-TailsNov 1, Make no mistake, Universe is not a kind and caring protector. She does not protect the universe to save the trillions of weaker species.

When it comes to wars of a smaller scale she holds little interest, and typically even encourages such behavior in order to make it easier to pick off stronger individuals of an appropriate danger level when they are at their weakest. However when it comes to wars on a scale so large that it might actually harm her, she will try to step in and attempt to end it herself.

It is no secret that Universe detests Azreal with a passion. She can be seen rebelling against him in whatever way she can, such as openly insulting him whenever she has the opportunity regardless of whether or not he is actually presentcalling him out on his inconsistencies, and even making bunny ears behind his head whenever he's monologuing. Universe is possibly one of the older Observers of the VRChat world. She recently appeared on the VRChat World to scope things out, as she has heard rumblings that something big is going down.

With being an observer of this level she is given the title of Guardian of the Universe After the encounter, the two seem to get along fairly well. It is rare that Universe ever interferes, only spurred on by threats to the Cycles or herself. During the fight SciFri is killed and Arcadum has removed his chains 2 threats to the cycles at once.

Faelyix begins evacuating everyone from the Safe Haven, while Miss Universe and Azreal tag team fight the unchained Arcadum. They are able to subdue Arcadum at the cost of the Safe Haven being destroyed via Miss Universe punching Arcadum with a sun.

Cell's role within the revival was creating a new body for the holy knight. With all threats to the Cycles ended the trio of Guardians turn to Arcadum, rather than punishing him however they decide to turn him into the Guardian of Forbidden Magics. On August 7th, Azreal and Miss Universe challenge each other to a game of chess.

They place wagers to make things interesting Azreal wagering that if he wins Miss Universe must answer the next question he asks with Yes. Azreal wins and asks Cell to marry him. He says that she could refuse if she really wanted too but she keeps her word and accepts his proposal. In order to prevent the destruction of the Universe and Void should the Singularity die the guardians leave to find a way to ensure that life can continue on.

However the fates of the Guardians who embody the Universe and Void are likely endanger as their existence is a result of their Guardian status. However they state that they are no longer Guardians and no longer exist outside of the Cycles.

Cell and the other Guardians are currently being cautious as they are unaware of other side effects that this may have caused them or the world they live in. Near the end of January Miss Universe starts to have strange experiences that can only be described as seeing false memories. In different instances Cell sees herself living as a normal human or refers to someone named Major Tom. Soon realizing that something has gone wrong Cell, Azrealand Faelyix begin to investigate what could be causing these strange phenomena.

On January 28th, Miss Universe, Azreal, and Fae identify the source of this problem in an open field with strange machinery being used by a lemur named Bob Marley. Bob states that he was using the machinery to tap into energy between the 6th and 7th dimensions in order to construct super powerful batteries to power his quantum computer.

The calculations Bob used however went wrong and he took too much energy causing portal regurgitation and the mixing of Miss Universes selves.

Azreal is able to push back the energy coming through allowing Fae to close the tears between dimensions thus fixing Cell, but also letting her gain the knowledge of her other dimensional counterparts. This mixing of her other dimensional selves into one is solidified again a few days later on January 31st after saving Arcadum. Before Arcadum left to Amika's home outside of time and space he combines the versions of her across all dimensions into her one body making her as he described "one and infinite".

Cell is very analytical often more focused on the harsh truth rather then emotions. She sees the bigger picture in everything and will choose to not interfere as well as stop other beings from intervening knowing certain actions could make things much worse. She is shown to care for others such as Azreal and the members of The Renegades though she tries to suppress these emotions to avoid sadness as she will outlive many of her mortal friends.

Miss Universe has created everything within the universe though she can not create biological children. These children being her "daughters" BubblesBelleand Arbor and her "son" Sky.Discussion in ' Support ' started by BoundlessDec 30, Search titles only Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma.

Newer Than: Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Useful Searches. Welcome to VRCat! Please note that this message board is not related to VRChat in any official manner. It is run entirely by the community, and moderated by the community.

Any content present has not been reviewed by VRChat moderators or staff. Your use of these forums implies understanding of this message. Need help with avatar hair Discussion in ' Support ' started by BoundlessDec 30, Boundless Member.

Joined: Dec 29, Messages: 14 Likes Received: 0. I made an avatar with dynamic bones but when i look up the hair follows the axis of the head and clips trough the body i tried to use colliders but the hair splits to the side through the colider is there a way to make it so that the hair will flow down like it has weight or do i just need alot of colliders??? Unyuho Member.

In the Dynamic Bone script, you can add gravity to one of the 3 axis. That will simulate, well, gravity towards the given position. Just put a tiny value towards the bottom. Hopefully that will fix it. Its ok, it takes times to learn stuff and the specific words for it.

VRChat Tutorial - Tattoo UV Editing with Emissions

What i asked, if you maybe forgot to make exclusions in the dynamic bone component or did wrong ones. And it could be good if you post some pictures of the problem. I cant recommend adding new bones, unless you know what you are doing.

Could you possibly upload the bunny, and all needed files, for it? I actually want to take a look at that now, since i cant directly spot a problem with it, besides the posture. Will work on it as soon as i get home.

For that one i hope someone with more experience has a idea and a solution. You should ask it anywhere where people can help. Specially the VRchat discord can answer to problems quite quick. Maybe even faster than me for your Bunny problem. That is a normal problem, a lot of people face that atm.

Strangely enough, if i sit down and then change into a avatar of the same size, she sits normally. Ok tested it now and it fully works on my end: The onyl thing i did now was this: -opened the blend file -exported as fbx -put it into unity -set rig as humanoid -inside that rig i set and replaced: --Shoulder set, both --Chest set --Spine was chest in, changed to actual spine.

Oh ok, then i will recheck that one too and take another look at it.